Floating – Not all floating ceiling panels are used for acoustic control; however, by the very nature of lowering the ceiling, they can improve the room’s acoustics properties. Floating ceiling panels are also referred to as suspended or drop ceilings. In areas that need more acoustic control, a floating ceiling can be used to increase acoustic performance. The panels used in a floating ceiling are available in a wide range of colors.

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Wildflower H.S.
USAA Lobby
U of A HSIB 0126
Terminal 4 concourse B
Suns Areana concourse level 2001
Sky Harbor Terminal Three 3546
Sky Harbor Terminal Three 3421
Roadrunner - Cloud
NAU Recital
NAU Recital Reflectors - Closeup
Mountainside MS - QTS Wall Panel and Trapazoid Panels
Morenci - 9 wood trellis w 2x2 ceiling reception desk
Montrose Acrylic Clouds - Play room
Mayo_Clinic_AZ_Interiors_201610-3 - Lobby
Mayo_Clinic_AZ_Interiors_ Petals
MAG Lounge Baux
MAG Lounge Baffle
Herrera Elementary 02 complete
Ewing Irrigation - Armstrong Soundscape Shapes Office Blue
EVIT 2 003
Estrella Hall - Classroom ACT
Clayton Office
ASU Thunderbird Global management
ASU Thunderbird Global Manaement
ASU QESST - Armstrong Soundscapes Tangerine
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